Julie is a Springfield native and worked for over 8 years in a local holistic medicine clinic, serving in many capacities that have prepared her as a healer and guide.  She now focuses on the “spiritual causes of disease”, realizing the important role emotions and energy have in our overall well being.  Through her networking, Julie has developed resources to draw on which enable her to provide many different possible therapies. This gives you access to the most comprehensive alternatives available through her.

It is because of her caring that Julie is what many would call a Natural Healer.  Her gifts of understanding and insight allow her to move past the surface of your issues and give you a road map to recovery with the support and understanding needed to obtain true, whole being wellness. Her knowledge, comforting demeanor, and skill in her chosen techniques will lead you to clarity and direction, no matter your situation.  When you sit with her it will quickly become evident this is what Julie was put on this Earth to do, and that it is her true passion.  



Someone recently asked me “Why are you here? What is your purpose on Earth?”

Well, why am I here? Hmmmm. Well, why are any of us here?

I’m sure the reason is essentially the same for us all – to become the complete, wholly evolved person we are originally destined to be.

As a race, as creators and experimenters, humans are probably meant simply to experience this planet and all its luxuries, its sensualities and beauties. Is there anywhere else in the Universe an entity can feel a breeze cross the skin, smell sweet honeysuckle on a hot summer night, or thrill from the touch of another? Our senses alone are enough of a reason  to be here! To experience. I am in no greater bliss than when I am left alone to experience all our beauty and wonder in my senses. From the sunlight penetrating my skin tingling deep into my layers on a hot summer day, to physically feeling a waterfall crash over my head, to the thrill of a new lover’s touch, I love to feel it all! I love to feel each moment.

Somehow though, we lost our way. We lost our paradise, our Garden of Eden. I can’t say I know how or why. I suppose we just forgot to return to God and so here we are.  This is where healing comes in. This is where love becomes real.

For myself, I’ve searched and thought and researched and rethought how the specific circumstances of my birth are significant or special. They aren’t. I was just born. Maybe the forethought of my birth was significant, but as I can’t recall that I can’t speak to it. I know I am a Taurus for some reason. I know I am a Queen of Clubs for a very special reason. I understand I chose this exact life, but, again, I can’t say why. All I can do is evaluate my beliefs, mixed with my history, to attempt some sort of stream-of-consciousness epiphany.

There were a few key people that influenced the broadening and opening of my mind. Interestingly, not one of them played a major, enduring role in my life. It was as if each person said just one thing that enlightened me, expressed just one thought in passing that led me to hours of research and evaluation. In fact, most of these people aren’t even in my life now. My evolution was orchestrated so I could search the truth for myself. 

However, there was one person playing an incredible role in my life whom I would love nothing more than to thank here, and that person is Shane Knox. His sometimes not-so-gentle guidance was a life preserver to a young woman nearly drowning in identity crisis. I knew I had intuition, I knew I had healing in my hands. I just had no idea this was my path. His love, his wisdom, and his authority majorly shaped who I am today. Thank you Shane. I love you just because you are.

Books are the other influence in my transformation from traditional Christian hellfire and brimstone, to personal power and discovering a God that isn’t quite as judgemental as I was told. Eckhart Tolle’s influence is perhaps the first and foremost. The Anastasia series (Vladimir Megre) brought me full circle in acceptance of what creation is and how it perpetuates. Other books on quantum theory, the power of intention and general spirituality have guided me these past five years and I remain hungry for more!

So then, my purpose for existence…of course it is to become what it is I’m supposed to become. And while I haven’t got it all smoothed out and planned for, I do know it’s a beautiful and powerful purpose.  My life has evolved from ignorance, to rebellion, to acceptance, hope, and healing! This drastic change must mean my purpose is real and great! My exposure to energy work, metaphysics, meditation, nature, and the power of thought are leading me into something that feels very powerful. So the most I can commit to for proclaiming my purpose, is to proclaim my purpose for right now; to assert spiritual discipline and grow in powers of creation. I am to create something beautiful in this world, and by creating it for myself it will perpetuate and create beauty in other worlds, within and without.

I’m not certain exactly where my pursuits will take me, but I know it all points to my purpose of creating beauty. Of offering healing to every other soul I come in contact with. To create splendor through imagination, hope, and will. I live in this Earth to be refreshed with its beauties. To love.

My purpose evolves.

And if you are reading this right now, you are an element of my journey, and I yours. I eagerly anticipate our meeting…

In love and light,