Julie is simply amazing!  I love working with her because she always knows what’s best for me and always takes time to answer my long list of questions.  She has made a tremendous impact on my health & personal growth over the last five years.  I would not be remotely close to the health & happiness I experience today if it wasn’t for Julie!

-Nicholas Huisman, Rogers, AR

I walked into Julie Crowe’s studio several years ago in Springfield, MO. I say I walked; I lumbered. I was in so much pain with my knees that I was willing to try anything. It’s not that I didn’t think she was “the real deal”, but suffice to say I had done my due diligence on her and the services she offered. I knew, hobbling in, that she was authentic. Then I walked out of her studio with no pain.

Julie was kind enough to hear about “my pain” but also wise enough not to believe in it the way I was believing in it. What she wanted to know, I’ll never forget it, was, did I want to be free of it, my debilitating knee pain? She did three different methods with me, all taking maybe an hour or so. She was very kind and professional; not ever seeing me as “in pain”, but seeing me as healed. She stayed with her vision of me. She held a frequency of me up to whatever science or Goddess she uses and allowed me a pain-free space there on that therapy table to agree that “it’s not about my pain; it’s about my being free of it.” That was four years ago. In four years many things have come and gone. But I’m still out of knee pain.

There are those of us who really are more interested in being free of pain than in being enslaved by it. They just need someone like Julie, with her gifts to help them, to open them to the healing and health that is our universal nature. I always knew she was “the real deal”. I never doubted that. And she never doubted that  “the power that heals” could heal me.  May God be to Julie what she has been to me. I was in pain and then I wasn’t because of her. I hope you can all see how much that means.

-Mark Richardson, Springfield, MO

About a year ago I found myself struggling with anxiety and depression that spun out of control. I was a hot mess to say the least! After searching for a holistic healer, I found Julie Crowe. Julie made me comfortable from our first meeting, something I have not found with others. She immediately gave me a sense of peace and hope. Julie has helped me by showing me how to cope with emotions, ones I knew about and ones I had hidden. She helped me learn how to relax and be in the moment. She has provided me with coping skills and has healed me energetically and spiritually. When I leave her office, I feel renewed and energized. Julie has helped me to open up, grow, and love myself. I am ever grateful for her help and guidance

-Christie Brown, Springfield MO

Julie is amazing! She’s what I call an “energy worker blackbelt”!

-Mike Burnett, Springfield MO

Just even being in Julie’s presence is healing in its own rite. Her demeanor, her approach, even her tone of voice all ease one into a state of peace and ease before the work even begins. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in spiritual and emotional healing. She’s an authentically gifted healer.

-S.S., St. Louis, MO